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2024 Getest: beste Gps-fietsvolgers voor veiligheid en prestaties

For cyclists looking for a reliable and safe means of tracking their journey, GPS bike trackers have emerged as a popular tool in recent years. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just a casual rider, there are several benefits to using a GPS bike tracker, like keeping track of your route and improving your speed and performance. Finding the right bike tracker, however, can be an overwhelming task. There are so many options on the market, it’s tough to know which one to trust. That’s why we’ve tested and rounded up the best GPS bike trackers for safety and performance below!

Garmin Edge 1030

Our top choice for avid cyclists, the Garmin Edge 1030 features a useful color touchscreen and can provide detailed metrics on power, speed, and cadence. The navigation feature has improved immensely, giving you a more in-depth map display. It also provides live tracking and messaging, so your loved ones can keep track of you during the ride.

Wahoo Elemnt Roam

The Wahoo Elemnt Roam comes with modern features that cater to urban cyclists in mind, making it a great cycling computer, with comprehensive mapping and on-the-spot route adjustments. It has large, easy-to-read color screens that can display turn-by-turn directions. It also supports third-party apps like Strava and Google Maps.

Sigma Sport ROX GPS 14.0

This device is ideal for cyclists after a more affordable option that still delivers excellent performance. The Sigma Sport ROX GPS 14.0 has a crisp monochrome display that provides easy-to-read metrics. It also boasts Strava Live segments integration for those wanting to take their Strava game to the next level.

Polar M460

The Polar M460 is a GPS bike computer that offers a bit of everything: live tracking, Strava integration, turn-by-turn navigation, and advanced power metrics. It has an extensive battery life of up to 16 hours, and it’s compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors.

Lezyne Super GPS

The Lezyne Super GPS is a budget-friendly option that compromises a bit on display size but still delivers reliable GPS tracking, live tracking, and limited turn-by-turn navigation. Its compact design is perfect for those doing shorter rides, and it’s water-resistant, ensuring durability in harsh weather conditions.

In conclusion, a GPS bike tracker is an effective tool to help you achieve all your performance goals. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or a weekend rider, in this list of the best GPS bike trackers for safety and performance, there is something for everyone. For more in-depth metrics for the serious cyclists out there, go for the Garmin Edge 1030 or the Wahoo Elemnt Roam. And, for those looking for a more economical option, the Sigma Sport ROX GPS 14.0 and the Polar M460 will do the trick without breaking the bank. Whatever your choice, be sure to hit the road secured, knowing that your GPS bike tracker is keeping you safe, on track, and on your way to becoming a more accomplished cyclist!